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Your Marketing Package

The main service I offer is the use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Listing your home on the MLS, enables real estate brokers and agents to find your home in a property search. You benefit by the great exposure you gain and buyers benefit because they can obtain information about MLS listed properties. Many online tools such as Zillow search the MLS, therefore your home will show up in Zillow and similar online searches also open to the general public.

I offer one of the best real estate and home search tools here: IDX property search

Professional Photography
I hire a professional photographer to photograph your home using advanced technology to capture every aspect of your home. We work together to ensure that your home is shown in its best possible light.

Through my decades of experience I know just how to stage your home to show at its best. I often bring in my own staging items at no charge and have some of the best staging companies at hand if needed.

Open Houses
If you choose I will hold your house open for prospective buyers. An open house lets prospective buyers look at your home without feeling pressured. Open houses allow buyers who do not have agent representation to look at your home.